Sunday, January 6, 2013

Keeping Same Sex Couples From Two Different Nations Together

From Another effect of DOMA: bi-national couples unable to be in a relationship without one always worrying about a visa!  Straight couples simply marry to take care of this issue, but DOMA stops us from being in relationship:

My partner and I are not unique among same-sex parents, because we are both U.S. citizens. Dean was born and raised in Durham, NC, and where we live (in the South), and I am the foreigner, a.k.a., Yankee. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Maplewood, NJ, and Portland, OR, and went to colleges, universities, and seminaries at the Univ. of Kansas, Princeton Seminary, and Harvard University … a northeastern elite at that.
My brother’s story is slightly different than mine. He dated a woman whose country of origin was Peru. As an international visitor upon these shores, she needed to constantly update her visa in order to work at her university position. In order to get over the need for constantly needing to update her visa, they solved it recently, in the same way that many heterosexual or straight couples do: she simply married a U.S. citizen. They are now known as a binational straight couple. With that simple marriage license, recognized by the federal government, she was given a green card, which gives her little of the hassle that the constant renewal of the visa did. They will be together, wherever they go, without fear of her being deported for any reason regarding her country of origin.
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