Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marriage Equality: Yes in WA (Sort of) and No in ME

Well, that was a night...not the best of nights for many of us. In WA, the domestic partner bill that anti-equality of marriage proponents tried to topple, won, but equality of marriage loss in ME. While CA turned equality of marriage and court ordered by popular vote, the loss in ME was one where the state legislature voted for equality of marriage and the popular vote overturned it.

However, the margin of loss is narrow, and narrowing.

So will we have to go through more of these nail biters?


OR is already beginning the process of overturning its state amendment banning equality of marriage. And NJ and NY are lining up for equality of marriage.

WA: a win; ME: a loss.

Good Morning, America!



manxxman said...

Thanks again to a "church" this time the Catholic church the vote failed.

Weren't we suppose to have a seperation of church and state in this country......go back to Rome.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Kalamazoo was also a win, as was Chapel Hill, NC with Mayor-elect Mark Kleinschmidt.