Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NC Pride and Blue Ridge Pride: Family is "In"!

I had a rare experience of being present in two different Pride events recently: First, there was NC Pride on Duke's East Campus, in which I walked with the group of students and faculty of NC Central University.  The sun was out, we had more students than usual, and the floats were magnificent.  The booths had lots of information or something to buy (especially for dogs) for that person who just needs one more rainbow magic wand.

This last weekend I happened to be in Asheville during Blue Ridge Pride.  If there was a parade, I missed it. But the grounds of Pack Park were packed with booths and small tents all over the green lawn. Again, there were those who had information or offered us something to buy for that person who needed one more rainbow suspenders.

What was striking about both Pride events was FAMILIES. We are "in", the next "big thing" to focus on. While I saw some people with pug dogs in baby carriers in Durham, I was amazed at all the children in strollers with hetero- and lesbian and gay couples pushing the baby.  I kidded friends in Asheville that I saw more lesbian and heterosexual couples pushing baby strollers than gay men.

LGBTQI families, attention please!  This is our time!  Our moment has arrived at Pride!

Families rule!

Pax, Brett

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