Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hero in NC's Buncombe County: A Clerk Says Yes

Buncombe County Clerk of Deeds is welcoming LGBTQ/same sex couples' marriage licenses!  This is it!  We found someone who is willing to break the law.

Drew Reisinger of Buncombe County Clerk of Deeds office is now giving out marriage licenses to straight and LGBTQ couples alike.

Let the lawsuits begin!

While our Attorney General Roy Cooper loves us (he really does), because of the law he nonetheless must work with what the law is, and the law (both the law of the state and the constitution) forbid and outlaw and ban LGBTQ couples from marrying (the state has DOMA and the constitution was amended). So he, as the chief law officer of the state has to defend the law, even though personally he is offended by it (did I say he's running for Governor?).

With the breaking of the law, now there is a possible law suit that could go through the court system based on the fact that the federal DOMA has been gutted with abandoning section 3, making us LGBTQ couples equal to straight couples.  And which has more power: state or federal courts?  Federal, of course.

The lawsuit, please, the lawsuit!

Here's the article link: http://www.towleroad.com/2013/10/north-carolina-county-official-accepting-gay-marriage-license-applications-tomorrow.html 

Pax, B

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