Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rick Warren Kind of, Sort of, Well, Um, Er...Likes Us LGBTQI People?

Rick Warren is far behind the times.  He just doesn't realize it.  The Spirit of God has--once again--chosen to go beyond the Church to the people of earth to make the agenda clear: God loves ALL the people God created and creates and will create.

News: Rick says that "gays" will go to heaven and just being gay may simply not be a sin.

Shock!  Awe!  Really!?

Rick!  The audacity and sheer arrogance that you think people care what you think about those of us who are LGBTQI shows me that you live in a very little pond, in which you are an enormously big fish.  Pun intended.

Now that I've got that out of my's the reality: the evangelical world or bubble, in which he lives, making these "concessions" is a "biggie." The majority of these people are not leaders on social reforms, or they become like Rob Bell: a pariah.  There will never be quick movement in the minds or attitudes towards social changes among this group of people.  They are, by their very nature, conservative theologically and usually politically (but not always).

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