Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Next states for marriage equality

According to, the bet is on Hawaii, NJ, IL and OR for marriage equality.  Currently, 30% of the country celebrates and recognizes marriage equality. Meanwhile, NC is going deeper into the 1950s.

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ButchCountry said...

I'm from Canada (the country to the north that has equality for all and same sex marriage and parents etc), I am completely flabbergasted by the reluctance of the USA as a whole to grant equality for all and same sex marriage and parenting in every state. The USA is supposed to be a world leader and set the gold standard for the rest of the free world to follow, but why? why can't the USA accept same sex marriage? why does it fight and oppress the lbgtq people at every turn? I seriously can not understand why there is so much resistance, there wasn't near as much opposition in Canada and guess what the world didn't end, society didn't crumble, life went on as normal. I sincerely hope I live long enough to see the USA all of the USA join the 21st century and grant ALL it's citizens equal rights and justice for all.