Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fathers' Day cards come into vogue!

From my parentsociety.com website blog:
I will never forget my first Father’s Day as an out, gay dad looking for a card that would fit my new identity. The year was 1999, and my first foray into my local Hallmark card store proved, well, fruitless. Granted, they had plenty of Father’s Day cards. There was a card with a picture of a dad washing the car with sons; some cards had a dad fishing with sons and daughters; and there were other cards that had dads getting a tie in a gift box from his wife with some kind of comic line when you opened the card.
Venturing forth to other card shops, looking among all the cards from various companies that stocked these shops, I found no card that appropriately captured the theme of how normal it is for children to have two gay dads celebrating Father’s Day in modern American society. The card industry — along with newspapers, magazines, movies, television, music, creative visual arts, and other cultural venues that feed the American psyche — had established that heterosexuality was the norm, the gold standard of parenting, and all other forms were an aberration, if not deviant. After all, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards with two lesbian moms and two gay dads simply didn’t make card companies money. Feeling alone and dejected, again, I simply went home and made my partner Dean a “Dads’ Day” card.

Link to article http://www.parentsociety.com/todays-family/fathers-day-cards-welcome-gay-parents/

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