Friday, January 7, 2011

Those Who Yell the Loudest, Well, They're One of Us

From this category (see the title), we have this bit of breaking news from

Episcopal Rev. Marshall Brown, who helped 14 Virginia parishes leave the main church in protest of the elevation of openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson, has been fired by his Fairfax, Virginia parish for viewing pornography on church computers. It was Brown's Truro Church that spearheaded the continuing schism in the American Anglican Church over the ordination of gays.

This is rather incredible...except that I've learned now that those who do scream and carry on the most regarding LGBTQI people and our place in the world are usually one of us. What they are usually screaming at (Freud here), is their own selves which is stuck deep in the back of their crudely made closets.

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Sad, sad man. But the good news: the truth will make you free! You are now free.



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