Thursday, January 27, 2011

David Kato: Martyr to the Cause of LGBTQ Equality

I want to recognize a new hero and martyr to the cause: David Kato, a marked man in Uganda, where some very confused evangelical Christians from the USA have taken liberty to espouse and promote a strident kind of anti-gay rhetoric (which they are denying today).

David Kato was marked because he is an outspoken LGBTQ activist. From the

As the most outspoken gay rights advocate in Uganda, a country where homophobia is so severe that Parliament is considering a bill to execute gay people, Mr. Kato had received a stream of death threats, his friends said. A few months ago, a Ugandan newspaper ran an antigay diatribe with Mr. Kato’s picture on the front page under a banner urging, “Hang Them.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Kato was beaten to death with a hammer in his rough-and-tumble neighborhood. Police officials were quick to chalk up the motive to robbery, but members of the small and increasingly besieged gay community in Uganda suspect otherwise.

Prayers ascend.

Let us pray...



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