Monday, May 10, 2010

No Hope from Hope College

As reported in, there is little joy from Hope College in re: to changing its policy re: LGBTQ issues. When Lance Black--screenwriter of "Milk"--was not allowed to be on-campus to discuss the film "Milk" after a viewing of "Milk," because of the policy of the College, there was an uprising of faculty and alumni/ae. But the Board of Trustees has stood pat on its anti-LGBTQI status:

The board of trustees didn’t allow a representative of the alumni group to be present or observe its meeting. Finishing its meeting Friday afternoon, the board released a written statement describing its decision and offering an explanation:

“The college’s current position on homosexuality is based on its interpretation of scripture. It is recognized that well-intentioned Christians may disagree on scriptural interpretation. Still, humbly and respectfully, the college aligns itself in its interpretation with its founding denomination, the Reformed Church in America, the orthodox Christian Church throughout the ages, and other Christian colleges and universities.”

As a part of its action, the board created a trustee committee to “expand the college’s 1995 position statement in the larger context of all human sexuality.”

Ron Wiegerink, a 1961 Hope alum who had signed the alumni petition, said he was disappointed by the board.

“We were very disappointed they did not allow Don Lubbers, our spokesman, to present our petition, he said. “We’re disappointed in the decision that was made. We’re disappointed in the brevity of the statement and that there was no procedure described.”

And how exactly were they interpreting which Scriptures?

And if they were honing in on a literal interpretation, an inerrant view of Scripture, how does that hold with Reformed theology, where God is forming and always forming? And do women graduate from Hope College into roles of leadership and responsibilities among and over men? Do women wear gold? Do they worship with men?



For Hope Colleges, as is true for all institutions, who is on the Board of Trustees or Directors matters.



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