Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can't express the insurmountable stress it causes to have to hide a piece of who I am

I found this blog entry on by a person currently serving her country:

For those saying that gays shouldn't be allowed in the military, the news flash is that we currently do and are allowed to. Under the current policy, no one is allowed to accuse us without evidential proof nor ask us questions about our sexuality. I am also not able to talk about my relationships as others are free to discuss their husbands/wives/girl/boyfriends. Could you heterosexuals imagine not being able to say anything about your partner? What if the policy said no one discusses their relationships, period? I bet the suicide rate would skyrocket. Don't discuss your wife's new attitude or husband's infidelity. Don't talk about your girlfriend getting pregnant or boyfriend proposing. Imagine going throughout your entire career not being able to discuss your relationships and not being able to bring your loved one to any military function. I bet you couldn't.
It's easy to say the policy should stay the way it is when you don't have to live it.

P.S. Besides me, I know quite a few Soldiers who are gay and you wouldn't know it. In my unit alone, two live in the barracks (1male/1female), and have heterosexual roommates that know and don't care.

It is time to change, or : Repeal-D.A.D.T. Now!



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