Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Learning from Our Neighbors in Overturning DADT and What Happens Next

Let's see...England, Spain, and Israel: are those not three countries that have successfully integrated their military services with LGBTQ personnel?

How about Norway? Sweden? Ireland?

There are plenty of countries who have successfully integrated their military services.

We do not need to take any longer in trying to re-create the wheel. The wheel already exists. Integration of military services already exists.

Just move forward.






Keith Heimann said...

Absurd discussion.

When great Americans like Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach and Lt. Dan Choi are being kicked out of our military, it is a national disgrace.

manxxman said...

But you don't understand......those are second class militaries.....not at all comparable with the Great and Wonderful OZ (um US) army......

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Of course the list can go on with military troops around the country.

Then we could name the corporations that have also made the moves toward full inclusion, from IBM to Apple, Hewlett Packard to...