Thursday, December 6, 2007

Congress and the Dying of the Matthew Shepherd Bill

The U.S. Senate failed to support the hate crime bill that would cover those of us in the LGBT community:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress has dropped legislation that would have expanded hate crime laws to include attacks on gays after it became clear the measure wouldn't pass the House, aides said Thursday (CNN).

This bill was the "Matthew Shepherd Bill," named after the young college student who was killed in Wyoming because he was gay.  

The reason for its defeat?  The New York Times reported this morning that it was tied to a Pentagon appropriation bill, which would have been ultimately vetoed by President Bush.

Hate, prejudice, bias, anger based upon fear: any of these very human characteristics focused upon any human being for whatever reason is an injustice; it is wrong.  Having felt the sting of hate, fear, and ignorance in my son's experience in his high school reminds me that hate and discrimination against those of us who are LGBT isn't to be visited upon us alone, but our children and extended family as well.  

A sad day for us all in this country.

Courage and forbearance are called upon this day to make the Matthew Shepherd Bill the law of the land!

Peace, Brett

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