Saturday, December 15, 2007

Archbishop Rowan Williams' Confusion

In the latest news from the offices of the Archbishop of Canterbury, we read that at an upcoming meeting of bishops in the Anglican communion, neither Bishop Gene Robinson nor "Bishop" Minns are invited (go to link ).  Why?  Well, because of the politics of the Anglican communion right now.

What Archbishop Williams' actions do is confuse and sadden our families, gay and straight alike.  I know that my children are affected by the talk and action that make me, the parent, an outsider to the greater life of the institutional Church because I am gay.  

Archbishop Williams' actions are also not in line with the "former" Bishop Williams, who was more affirming of gays and lesbians in the Church.  Being prophetic does come at a cost...but doesn't God also send us prophets to direct us on our earthly pilgrimage?

Clearly, we are reminded, in this season of Advent, of prophets like old John the Baptist, who never made a lot of money, but what a life he led in heralding the coming of the Christ, who is currently, right now, at this very moment, without stop, making a new heaven and new earth!

Dear God: Make us prophets!  And if we are hard to make into prophets, send us prophets!

Peace, Brett

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