Thursday, December 20, 2007

Charlotte, NC Book Reading: How About Uruguay?

Last night I read and signed books at the Lesbian and Gay Community Center in Charlotte, NC. We had a great group of around 12 people, including Angus, a wonderful photographer/reporter from Creative Loafing, the creative weekly newspaper in Charlotte (Thanks, Angus!). Many thanks to my friend John for setting up this lovely affair; and to Mike and the folks at the Center who hosted the reading/signing.

One of the questions that came up had to do with marriage, and why we, who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered people, want it. In light of my children's constant act of describing my relationship with Dean, it would be easier for one and all to be able to describe "it" and what we live for what "it" is in everything but name only (so far): a marriage. Until we are allowed to marry, we will not call one another "husband," but use all the other synonyms we've had to adopt, usually partner...thus sounding like a law firm (there's nothing wrong with that...but for a serious relationship? Come one!)

What is frustrating, given the way this country and society likes to tout itself as a leader in so many areas of life, progressive (to say the least), is when I recently read that Uruguay's Congress recently passed legislation for civil union (see link). When so many other countries are moving to at least condone and bless civil unions, if not outright marriage, of LGBT folk, why can't we simply "move with the times?" What harm does our being in a civil union or being married do to the greater society, except bring us a little more sanity and far less agitation?  With marriage, at least, my children will know what to call Dean and me: "Dad and Step-Dad!" though being a gay nanny is quite fun for Dean.

As my "partner" would say, "One step at a time": It is time to take the next step, America!

Peace, Brett

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