Monday, July 28, 2014

Fourth Circuit Court Loves NC

The 4th Circuit Court, covering states from MD to SC, showed us some "love" today.  Well, actually they showed us some justice today.  Well, OK 2 out of 3 judges showed us that the 14th amendment provides equal protection under the law, including in the area of marriage, and that these states that amended their constitutions to outlaw such equal protection were in the wrong.

Of course there was a "stay", and now we will soon await for another appeals court (am I correct?) and the end point is the U.S. Supreme Court.

Will they hear this case or not?

Meanwhile, there are LOADS of places to read about this, but here's a hyperlink to begin.

What does it mean for Dean and I as a couple? Nothing, until there is proof that this is the law of the land.  And it isn't that yet.

If it does become law, then I am getting a kilt and wearing it proudly on my wedding day.



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