Thursday, July 31, 2014

Current Events!

I always liked Current Events in elementary school.  I tried to bring off the "grid" stories that interested me even as a child.  I haven't changed.

Some stories off and on the grid/mainstream media, that interest me:

* Constitutional Court in Uganda is considering a ruling their tempered version of the "kill the gays" bill passed last year, with the influence of Scott Lively in constructing this hate-filled document; there's a petition against the anti-gay bill.

* The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is going to consider the anti-constitutionality of the anti-marriage equality amendments in various states in their region, from Michigan to Tennessee;

* Closer to home, a friend who has taken a rather public stand in being out in a Southern state is appearing solo because his partner or bf is fearful of being out, sure he would lose his job.  He probably would.  It is the South.



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