Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LGBTQ Brain Drain...Or One Foot In, and One Foot LGBTQ Diaspora?

I feel like I'm doing the "Hokey Pokey," with "one foot in and one foot out," and frozen that way.  I'm working hard in NC to right the injustice that I see being executed by the NC General Assembly Republicans. The changes are vast and drastic. This is a time to fight for change.  But I have one foot out of the state, looking at positions in other states.  It is wearying to live in a state where one is denied rights simply because of who one is.  NC--like other states around us--will be suffering from a brain drain, an LGBTQ diaspora.

To fight or not to move or not to move...

This was well articulated in the article from

Face it: Hawaii (thought the price is high in living there) may soon welcome marriage equality!  NC or HI...hmmm...



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