Monday, December 24, 2012

Why Abortion, Marriage Equality, and the Absence of Prayer Did Not Cause the Sandy Hook Massacre

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The aftermath of any mass shooting in the United States seems to follow a certain pattern of now-expected reactions and calls for actions. There is the waiting for the names of the ones who were shot and the name of the shooter, which is soon followed by the photos of all the victims and the assailant. There is the national spotlight thrust onto the community in which the crime took place. If the shooting of people is large enough, the president usually quickly puts out a statement of solidarity with those who weep, and attends a public gathering of those in deep mourning. Flowers and candles are placed on wooden crosses or other markers that stand as solitary reminders of the loss of life in this season of grieving. Funeral and memorial services become the main event of the week as our busy lives come to a halt in these extraordinary moments of shock.
Sadly, political and religious leaders who are not in sync with what is going on within the heart of a community, a state, or a nation, quickly run to microphones and say things that are not helpful, but destructive. While words can provide solace in fierce times, words can also tear down and cause great heartache.
In recent days, after the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, some political and religious spokespersons have chosen to add words of hate amid heart-felt verses of those more in tune with the national mood. They are delivering cheap shots at political targets they constantly aim at rather than staying respectfully silent in these days of grieving.
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