Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Who's Who in the Nativity Scene

From my www.parentsociety.com blog:
In my family of origin, there was one rule we followed when purchasing Christmas cards: they had to include a picture, symbol, or message of the Holy Family. No cards with reindeers, Santa Claus, elves, mistletoe, kittens, dogs, Christmas trees with snow in a wintry meadow, or Elvis singing a Christmas carol in blue suede shoes were allowed. Instead, only a chorus of angels, an image of a stable scene with a star over the setting, shepherds in a field, animals gathering around a mange, perhaps Wise Men on camels, or a scene of the Holy Family gathered around a baby Jesus in his cradle were allowed.
Being a traditionalist, my children grew up surrounded by Nativity scenes, with their mom and I only purchasing cards with the image of the Holy Family. The Nativity scene was set in a crude stable, with the same pile of straw we used from year to year. Carved wooden characters portrayed Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, a donkey, a horse, a cow, and a sheep. Now and then one of my daughter’s dolls or son’s Matchbox trucks ended up in the Nativity scene too, and no one seemed to mind. Along with the carved set of the Nativity scene, we also had a Nativity scene with characters made from corn husks from Appalachian artists, along with a Holly Hobby doll set; and there was a beautifully carved black wood Nativity scene I brought back from a trip to Kenya.
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