Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank you for voting! My Thanksgiving Note!

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This year I’ve thrown myself into two political campaigns, with a kind of intensity I usually reserve for my own writing, religious non-profit, family, ministry, teaching, and consulting.
The first political campaign was the Amendment One campaign in North Carolina. This ended with the side I was supporting losing our campaign. (Amendment One was against marriage equality.) In the second campaign — the presidential campaign — the side I was supporting won the campaign. (Though NC voted for a Republican governor and General Assembly.)
The difference between losing and winning a campaign is breathtakingly huge. Regardless of the results, I invested a lot of time, talent, and energy into the campaigns because I knew what I was campaigning for: the rights of individuals to marry or be in a domestic partnership if they wanted to, whether they were in a same-sex or straight relationship, with or without children.
In each campaign, I did whatever the campaign managers asked me to do.  Some felt the draw of canvassing and enjoyed going door to door, meeting people with campaign literature, and others participated in registering voters. I opted to make cold phone calls to complete strangers, asking them who or what issue they were voting for, and when had they decided to vote. Early voting is allowed in NC, and the way early voters go helps a campaign determine how it is faring in the state before election day.
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