Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't Touch the Birth Certificate!

From my column on www.parentsociety.com:
I never thought much about birth certificates in life until this year. My earliest memory of needing a birth certificate came when I applied for my first passport. I remember getting my daughter’s birth certificate recorded in myriad places in London, England, where she was born. My son’s birth certificate was issued from Florida where he was born. I need their birth certificates during their teenage years in order for them to get their driver’s licenses in North Carolina. Birth certificates simply verify what all of us already know: that you are born in a certain time and date, by particular parents, at a hospital or home in town, city, state, province, and country.
Birth certificate-as-political-football did not come to my mind until the election of President Barack Obama. President Obama’s birth certificate from Honolulu, Hawaii has created a lot of news and commotion.
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