Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gay Days at Disney World and Disgruntled People

This from, about the people who get their money back if they are disgruntled about being around a lot of LGBTQ people during Gay Days (unoffical though it is):

A former Disney employee who was at the park on June 5 told me that every year, Disney issues refunds or free next-day tickets to angry moms and dads who don't want their kids exposed to gay couples or gay-themed shirts. Some families don't get past Main Street U.S.A. before turning around and taking the monorail back to the parking lots.

But they are a vanishing minority. Gay Days may be an occasion for gays to overindulge and conservatives to squirm, but Evan, Alix and Jamie are the future: kids with their parents who want the great American vacation, no politics required.



Do LGBTQ people get money back if they are disgruntled about being among heterosexual people on other days?

Just asking...



manxxman said...

Money's like a guarantee on life......of course we don't get our money back.....we're far to "fabulous"

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...