Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chest Fest

Sam Peterson is wanting to get surgery to make the move toward becoming a man.

He is wanting reconstructive surgery for the chest. To quote Sam:
Peterson, who describes himself as a transguy, realized years ago that his gender identity didn't match his body. What's unusual about his realization, though, is how open—public, even—Peterson has been about his gender transition. Peterson keeps a blog and makes videos detailing and documenting the process. He feels compelled to "meet people where they're at," he says, to educate them. Luckily, he knows that belly laughs make for the fastest converts.

"Lest we forget," he writes on his blog, Tha Man Sam, "the transgendered are the militarized dolphins, who, having acquired human technologies, can now swim off to do other forms of mischief."

So tonight, in Carrboro's NC ArtCenter there was Chest Fest! A silent auction, along with a fabulous array of bands--Amelia and the Mechanics, and Justin and the Marionettes--were excellent.

The surgery is $6,000. It is elective.

Hopefully, tonight's fundraiser will help.



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