Friday, April 16, 2010

Call to Pilgrims

Crazy idea that has "stuck" in my mind of "things to do next in life": a documentary of LGBTQ people--six to twelve of us--on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compestela in Spain, discussing life, faith, challenges, coming out, the road, the journey we are on as individuals and a community.

This is the CALL: I need 6-12 people who are people with a residual of faith--doubters welcome since that is a sign of faith still kicking--of any persuasion/religion/spiritual community; need someone to film it; need money to help finance this project.

This was inspired by the Full Frame Film Festival recently held in Durham, NC, and seeing my latest movie, "Zero Degrees of Separation" about Israeli-Palestinian gay and lesbian couples.

Email me or comment below.

How about this fall? October? 12 days to walk the last 100 km or so?

What say you?

Pass this email around.

Pace, B