Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gay Dads Study: How'd We Get Those Kids?

I was part of a study of gay dads, and the initial findings of this study are out.

What was fascinating, as you will read below, is that many of us over 50 became fathers through a "heterosexual context," e.g., we were more than likley married, while those 40 and under used other methods to become dads, e.g., in vitro and adoption. And most of the young children of those who are in households where dads are 40 and below are non-white.

Go to this link for more on the study by clicking here.




Sweepy said...

Hi. I'm really interested in the survey results. I'm a gay dad (adoption) in Canada. I don't know of other surveys like the one you describe here. Unfortunately, your link doesn't work. Can you please direct me to anything more about the survey?
Thanks and kind regards,

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I'll search and see where else it is located.

Thanks, Chris!