Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maine: For Eqality of Marriage Video/Youtube

All the blogs are showing this moving ad for marriage equality in Maine. There is an ad with a dad defending his daughter's right to marry her partner. This is the Mom's view:

So: what would happen if ALL our mothers of LGBTQ children did such an ad? I'm just saying...

Pace, B

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Fr. Marty Kurylowicz said...

It would be so healing to everyone who heard this ad. The ad is built on love and all good things. To hear a parent say these things gives hope and life to many people. To people who maybe were not so fortunate to have a mom like this mom in the ad, most likely this is true for many of our church officials who oppose Marriage Equality, including Benedict XVI. I do not think that the world can ever hear enough of the kind of words this mom shared.

“Kids are being hurt!!!” by the people who oppose Marriage Equality. There is plenty of research data that makes this statement a proven fact.

Benedict XVI's continual ordering the hierarchy in a united effort to oppose Marriage Equality is proof that they have not even considered the harm to children and have ignored the overabundance amount of research data. The harm that is done to children is tremendous. It cuts deeply at the very core of child's ability to bond/attach to another or other human beings for life. However, in the meantime how many millions of innocent children will continue to be abused in this way because of their criminal neglect of their responsibility. Everyone is responsible to thoroughly study and learn the facts and research data about human sexuality for the safety and well-being of children. There is a lot more to learn than the outdated, inaccurate and whimsical ideas of "the birds and the bees," a child's life depends on our being responsible in this regard. In order to be more like this mom was in this ad.

The U.S. Bishops are currently individually reviewing the draft of a pastoral letter -- "Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan" --which they will formally consider at their Nov. 16-19 national meeting [2009]. With all due respect this pastoral letter will become their most vivid indictment against them and Benedict XVI exposing their irresponsible leadership at the expensive of millions of innocent children, globally.

Thank you for posting this ad. I know it will stay with for years, because it was honest and true. Marty