Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Federal Hate Crime Bill: Signed and Delivered!

It is now the law of the land: hate crimes against those of us who are considered "different" than others--because of how we look, who we love, and how we live or pray--is now against the law of the land. It is a federal crime.

One person on NPR said there will be an "up-tick" in the number of hate crimes reported because it is now against the law--federal law. What is happening is that more of these cases will now be reported. Before the law, they were kept hidden because there is no protection.

The same with economics and jobs. Having been discriminated myself for a job because I am gay, there is no federal or state law to protect me. None. Most people simply don't report such violations. Thus they remain unknown. That is why ENDA--Employment Non Discrimination Act--is needed ASAP.




manxxman said...

When is the next military "appropriation" bill due to go before congress?

Love those Republican votes do I.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Seems to be one way to get it through. That, or a reduction in taxes/tax cuts.