Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Make NC Great Again!

Even though I now live in the state of OR, I must confess that my heart aches for what is going on in the state politics that is NC. I'm not surprised. I am sad.  I am not surprised because I remember watching when the General Assembly in 2010 pass a bill to amend the NC Constitution, to deny us marriage equality, watching Dems and Republicans alike sign on with it, knowing that then-Gov. Perdue couldn't veto it (not in her powers). I remember phone bank calls and attending rallies in RDU area, only to drive 10 miles out of the bubble of Chapel Hill to see the pro-Amendment 1 votes to deny us marriage equality. We were the last state in the South to enact something so vile. .

Now we lead the nation in a more vile bill, HB2, that discriminates against a large minority group. The General Assembly Republicans know what they are doing: they are driving out their base voter for 2016.  This is all about getting out the vote in 2016, driving out by rallies and phone calls, etc.  But voting matters.  This is how these men and women got into power: by the people who voted for them.

So let's make NC great again.



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MJJM said...

North Carolina hasn't been great since gay activists joined with others to try to lynch the Duke lacrosse guys. That's what it's still known for (aside from the Wright Brothers flight, and those guys were from Ohio).