Tuesday, May 20, 2014

OR, and Possibly PA?

I have a pic above of PA State Rep. Brian Sims above (in the handsome beard).  In PA, they might actually be state 20 in moving the country toward marriage equality.  Yesterday, my second home state of OR (NY is the first state) went forward.

People called and wrote to see if we (Dean and I) were going to be married.  The answer is no. Why? Because it means nothing in the state of NC. While it is a wonderful thing to get married (Adrianne and Scott her boyfriend are marrying in October 2014), it costs a) money, and b) involves a community; and c) means nothing for LGBTQ couples in NC.  Nothing. Nothing for taxes. Nothing in terms of contract with the two of us with the state.  Nada.

So we wait.  But I loved listening to the stories from OR yesterday.  It was great.  I was jealous.  Envious.  Depressed.  But happy for those wed.

Not singing Pharell's "Happy" here in NC...yet.


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