Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adrianne: The Educator

Awesome article on/about Adrianne and her family (proud dad) here on Rainbow Rumpus:

The beginning of the article:

Adrianne loves to play games with her preschool class. A favorite game of hers is a silent version of “Simon Says”: Adrianne starts by tapping her nose, waiting until the entire class is tapping their noses before moving on to another motion (patting her head, for example). The movements become quicker—patting the floor, knees, shoulders, and so on. The game gives the kids—or “tiny munchkins,” as Adrianne affectionately terms her class—an opportunity to move and refocus.   
Adrianne comes from a family of educators. Her mom, Pam, was a public school teacher for twenty years, her dad, Brett, teaches ethics and English composition at North Carolina Central University, and her dad’s partner, Dean, is associate dean of students at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Adrianne and her family share passions beyond teaching, however. She and her dad practice yoga, hike, and visit museums together whenever they can. And preparing family meals has always brought the clan—which includes Adrianne’s younger brother, Parker—together for good conversation. “What we were eating was less important than the quality time we spent together,” Adrianne says. 

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