Sunday, August 28, 2011

Justice and Peace Plaze in Chapel Hill, NC

I went to the dedication of 4 new names to the "Justice and Peace" plaza in front of Chapel Hill's old Post Office building--itself, an icon in CH. Four people were remembered: Ms. Clark, an African American activist in the area; Dan Pollitt of UNC; along with a person or two I'd met in my time in Chapel Hill. One was Yonni Chapman, who played an important part in the civil rights movement in CH; and the Rev. Charles Jones, a Presbyterian minister at Univ. Presbyterian Church who worked hard toward integration. He was actually removed from Univ. Presby. Church by the Presbytery because of his right and good actions in re: to integration. He became pastor of the Community Church of Chapel Hill, where I was once youth leader.

And the work of justice and peace continues in terms of LGBTQ equal rights.



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