Friday, February 11, 2011

Hawaii House: Moving Forward with Civil Union

The House of Rep. in Hawaii are moving ahead (again) with a bill approving of civil unions for LGBTQ couples in the state of Hawaii:

After just 25 minutes of debate, the Hawaii House approved legislation that would create civil unions for gay and lesbian couples in the state, the Honolulu-based Fox affiliate KHON is reporting.

House Bill 444 was approved by a vote of 33-17. It would grant gay couples all the rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage, but call the commitment a civil union. The bill would also recognize legal gay marriages and civil unions performed elsewhere as civil unions.

It now goes to the Senate in Hawaii, and then when (!) approved, to a Governor who WILL sign it this time.

Moving forward, one state at a time. The great unraveling continues.



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