Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Unraveling Begins: Marriage, Civil Unions, and Beyond

This morning the media--gay and straight alike--were discussing the "evolution" of President Obama's thinking about same sex marriage. He is "thinking about it," "wrestling with it."

But of course! Wrestle on...but act quickly, or the courts will.

Here's what you do:
1. Overturn the DOMA. Work with your folks in the Dept. of Justice to figure out the best way to un-do this little bit of damage...also a big "thanks" to former President Clinton who gave us BOTH DADT and DOMA (he was listening to Dick Morris, his counsel at the time). Obama is having to undo a lot of Clinton's mistakes.

2. Proclaim marriage or civil unions as a "good," and a good that either gay or non-gay couples can use in creating their contract of union. After all, a marriage certificate is simply a piece of paper that acts as a contract between two consenting adults.

3. Make this equality of marriage for all part of your '12 campaign, and fulfill the promise that you will provide ALL people an opportunity to be in a relationship that provides the same federal and state tax advantages, as well as other provisions in case of emergency.




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