Saturday, September 25, 2010

NC Pride

It was a busy day here, with North Carolina Pride in the middle of it all. In the NC Pride Parade around Duke University's East Campus it was fun to see all the LGBTQ and straight ally teens marching through under the umbrella of "Gay Straight Alliance," with yellow streamers flying through the air. There was the PFLAG group in the parade, along with quite a few church groups, bars for LGBTQ people, and a marching band to boot. There was even a float for a tattoo parlor.

The booths were somewhat interesting. I was glad to snatch a water at a Lutheran church group's table. It was 98 degrees today, breaking a high record in NC! But most of the booths catered to a (sigh) younger crowd. There were plenty of t-shirts and other trinkets at many booths.

What I was surprised at was how "un-family" the gathering was, save for the PFLAG group. There really was little in the way of groups focused on our families. There were more places for dogs (not cat) care than families. There was neither a booth with stuff for LGBTQ moms or dads or grandparents. Hmmm...

I did see a few children at the event, but not many.




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