Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love on ABC

In making my way to "Heroes" on NBC, we usually click onto "The Bachelor" on ABC.

The premise of this show is easy: guy (bachelor) has a harem of single girls to choose among to be his wife.

And he gets to try them all out before making a decision.

Literally: he gets to try them all out.

And the women, who keep on referring to themselves in a juvenile fashion, a.k.a., "girls," fall all over themsevles and all over the bachelor.

So much for feminist liberation.

Amid the fears and concerns of traditional evangelicals, I've not heard much from this corner of the world about this show.

So why is everyone horrified if a gay or lesbian couple hold hand or kiss in public, but say not one word aout this bachelor party?




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