Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FL Gay Adoption Ban Going Before State Appeals Court

It is well known that FL has the most widespread ban against LGBTQ people adopting children. The ban is being appealed by the ACLU in FL. A judge in Nov. 2008 voted that the ban is unconstitutional. Today, the state is appealing that decision:

The state is appealing a Miami-Dade County judge’s November 2008 ruling that the law is unconstitutional. The ruling came in the case of Martin Gill, who along with his partner has adopted two young boys. The appeals court is hearing arguments Wednesday in Miami.

State attorneys say the judge essentially legislated from the bench and that state lawmakers should decide the matter. Attorneys for Gill and the two boys say the judge was expected to review the facts in detail before making her decision.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing Gill, calls Florida’s gay adoption ban the broadest such law in the nation.

Knowing many couples and individuals who are LGBTQ who have adopted children--especially children with disabilities--some from foster home situations that were not the best place or family, and seeing these children thrive in a loving, safe environment, it is amazing that we find people fighting our right to adopt. These would be the same people who are against abortion of any kind but when a loving couple comes to adopt them who happen to be LGBTQ, the response is "nope, you cannot adopt."

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