Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking Over the Fence: The General Gathering of Episcopalians in Anaheim, CA

Those of us who are part of Christian communities of faith like to see what is going on in each other's denominations in re: to LGBTQ concerns, for they have a way of letting us know what we may face in our own community of faith.

Consider the Episcopalians. They are meeting for their General Convention in Anaheim, CA, a.k.a., Disneyland.

What is on their agenda is similar to what will most likely be on the agenda of many of our denominations in the coming year(s): blessings of same sex marriages. The Archbishop of Canterbury is due to make a visit for three days and meet with the LGBTQ group, Integrity. Of course, Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams was more active in blessing same sex unions and ordination of LGBTQ people before becoming the latest Archbishop of Canterbury.

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manxxman said...

Almost makes one want to become an Episcopalian.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

See the next entry on the blog. The PCUSA Committee on Civil Union and the Sanctity of Marriage have their work cut out for them.