Sunday, September 21, 2008

Off to Israel

I'm off to Israel for the coming 12 days. I leave on Monday afternoon and will be back on October 4th. Part of my job portfolio is leading pilgrimages, and this is a pilgrimage.

It is also a time of re-connecting with the "Jewishness" and "Palestinian" aspects of my faith. After all, Jesus was a Jew...a Palestinian Jew at that. I envision--through modern eyes--the young Jesus running around with a yarmulke, perhaps prayer shawl on.

It is also interesting to watch and listen to the LGBTQ culture in Jerusalem. Last time I was there it was, by and large small and hidden, but LGBTQ folks are more "out" in Tel Aviv. And this is a country in which gays and lesbians are able to serve in the military service with no DADT.

Shalom and Salaam...Brett


manxxman said...

Have a safe journey, and God speed.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Thanks! I appreciate the prayer!