Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Talk at Emory and Henry College

I gave a talk at Emory and Henry College on my three loves: love of family, love of Jesus, and love of dogs.

I began the talk with a provocative stab: I live in a country in which legislators in AZ passed a bill that discriminates against me as a part of the tribe LGBTQ; that Uganda's President signed a bill condemning LGBTQ to life in prison, and that Mormons are telling students at Brigham University not to masturbate.

What a time to be alive?

We are on the crest of history unfolding.

What I'm aware of is that the unfolding blurs lines of state, culture, and religion. They are all now enmeshed, and hard to separate.

This is not a time to be silent but to speak out, pointing to the danger of these actions by people here and abroad.



Friday, February 21, 2014


Dear LGBTQ parents, friends, allies, and family members...

Big push here: I need 12 people (6 minimum) to go on pilgrimage along St. Cuthbert's Way: Melrose Abbey to Lindisfarne, England.

Here's the blurb:

Hi Pilgrims! St. Cuthbert's Way calls you to come and walk to Lindisfarne on this holy trek. Six pilgrims have signed up! Six openings left! Come and walk the way of St. Cuthbert to Lindisfarne, England, a.k.a., "The Holy Isle!" Pilgrims will meet on the night of Sat., May 24, at Melrose Abbey, and end on Thursday, May May 31st on Lindisfarne. This is a 65 miles, or 13 miles a day. The cost for this pilgrimage, which includes tents (tents with cots, tables, chairs and lights!) and 3 meals a day, plus transportation of our materials is $990. Trail Trekkers will provide the tents and meals along the way. There is room for 6 more pilgrims! Any questions? Ask Brett Webb-Mitchell, Director of the School of the Pilgrim,, or visit:

Come one!  Come all!  Need a firm number by the end of March, 2014!



Friday, February 7, 2014

Homecoming Kings and Queens

Call me an old fart, but it is incredible that high schools and colleges and universities have homecoming events, let alone homecoming kings and queens.

But here is a happy piece about a young man, Blake, who is going to be a homecoming king in East Mecklenberg High School in Charlotte, NC.  For this transgender youth, this is a big deal...and it is a big deal for society in general, let alone the South.

Here's the piece from towleroad: