Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NC Law Outlaws Second Parent Adoptions

NC law "outlaws" second parent adoption.

Now, this is not new news.  It is something that has been the norm.  But more LGBTQ couples are challenging the law, which is good. Second parent adoption in the case where a couple is not wed is the issue. And LGBTQ couples cannot be wed.  Therefore, unlike opposite sex couples, same sex couples cannot have the protection for their children if one of the parents were to die or be hurt. It also affects the overall care of the child or children, in terms who is the "parent" or "legal guardian" in legal cases, going to the hospital, schools, etc.

This is from the ACLU:
A second-parent adoption occurs when one partner in an unmarried couple adopts the other partner’s biological or adoptive child; this can occur in both gay and straight relationships. The ACLU is challenging the ban on second parent adoption in North Carolina on behalf of six families. Each family consists of a child or children being raised by two gay or lesbian parents who are in committed, long-term relationships with each other. In each of these loving families, the child has a legally recognized relationship with only one parent (either through birth or adoption), although, in reality, the child is being raised by both parents.
Children denied a legally recognized, second parent are left vulnerable. They may not be covered by their non-legal parent's health insurance plan; or if the child is sick or injured, hospital staff may prevent the non-legal parent from visiting the child in the hospital or from consenting to needed medical care. In some cases, a child may be ripped from the only home he or she has ever known if one legal parent dies.

Here's the link to this article:

There was an interesting debate that went on about this issue today with the ACLU and Equality NC. The link is here:

Justice is moving forward in NC!



Monday, December 2, 2013

I Heart Ron: Young Life, Youth Groups, and Gay Me

From my latest on a teaser:

I "heart" Ron. He was the main reason I went to the local chapter of the evangelical Christian youth group, Young Life. Yes, I went because I loved--and love--Jesus. But the whole truth is that I initially went to Young Life because I fell head-over-heels in love with Ron in an adolescent, puppy-love kind of way. Sadly, I had no one to tell or express it to. Especially Ron.
Ron was the entire package: a young man in his early twenties, a senior at a nearby college, and very easy on the eyes. At almost six feet tall and weighing in at perhaps 175 pounds, Ron had broad, square shoulders, a slender waist and a nice bubble butt. A cleft in his chin, he had a square jaw line and piercing blue eyes framed by soft brown hair that was slightly wavy when it grew out. And then there was his hairy chest. A mat of body fur poked out over his v-neck sweaters. Sometimes I could see his pecs pushing against the fabric of his shirts that were just tight enough to let his nipples show. Aside from his handsome allure he had charisma and charm oozing out of every pore. As a gay boy whose testosterone was starting to surge in his growing, maturing body, I was smitten.

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